Dan D9


My relationship with photography has been very on-again and started about 40 years ago. Back in the early 70's I had an old bellows camera and used to take photos with a friend of mine. Many of the pictures were of our cars and friends. We developed the black and white film in a darkroom in my friends basement storage room. The photos weren't very good. In the 80's I picked up photography again with my wife. We had a used Yeshiva and with that camera I explored colour 35mm film for the first time. I photographed our camping trips, hikes and canoeing adeventures. This was my first experience with landscape photography. In the later 80's we finally bought a new camera, a Minolta 700 (back then this was a fancy camera). The use of this camera was short lived, by the end of the 80's we had two kids, a house and no time for our hobbies.

In 2010, we moved to British Columbia from Ontario and I was inspired by the magnificient mountains and lakes. I would hike in the mountains and photograph wildlife and landscape with my digital Canon camera. Later I started going to race tracks and car shows, photographing cars and their owners and found it a challenge to capture the car the way the owner saw it. Having built a few rods and modifying cars with my son I understood how you feel when you have a special car and push the car and yourself to the limit. I try to put all the emotion that you feel when you drive into a photograph to capture the moment. There is no better feeling then when I hand someone a photo of their car and they smile like they just won a race.