Oliver Twist Estate Winery

2016 Pink Cadillac

There's nothing quite as seductive as nostalgia, that indescribable feeling that overtakes you when a scent, a taste, a note played just right takes you back exactly where you want to be.

Billy Jean is on the scene cruisin' in with her Pink Cadillac. Cute as a button, Billy Jean knows what good taste is all about. She's a flirt and sweet as honey, and she uses her Pink Cadillac to lure you in. This little heartbreaker is here for a good time and she'll have you wanting more and more.

Pink Cadillac is just like her, playfully alluring you with her aromas of strawberry jam and a tickle of cinnamon. Dazzling her lingering flavours of lush red nectarines, raspberries and cream, and candied strawberries. Billy Jean will have you singing 'I love you for your Pink Cadillac' – Bruce Springsteen

~ Sold out ~