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Our vintner’s process starts with growing high-quality grapes. The 27,000 lovingly-tended French vinifera vines along with top-quality produce from neighbouring vineyards are blended to produce unique and unexpected flavours in the estate’s wines.

White Varietals:
Kerner, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Viognier

Red Varietals:
Merlot and Syrah.


2008 Chardonnay (0)

Velvety, well rounded, and zesty wine. Citrus, sage, and rosemary hints. Complementary of poultry, seafood, red meat, or a cheese tray.

2008 Pinot Gris (0)

Tantalizing strawberry and spicy pear flavours. Well-structured, rich bodied, great volume. Exceptional match with chicken, seafood, or pasta.

2008 Kerner (0.5) (Riesling-Trollinger Cross)

Spicy Riesling cross. Happy by itself in a glass or with food, especially likes turkey and ham. Appealing to both white and red wine drinkers.

2008 Viognier (1)

Orchard-ripened apricots, lively citrus and spicy Asian pear flavours. Full bodied, well balanced white wine. Exceptional match with flavourful dishes, spicy Asian foods, or curries. Different from most Viogniers.

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2008 Rosé (2)

Outstanding White Merlot. Spicy, citrus flavour with a hint of rosemary. Well rounded flavours of homemade strawberry jam or strawberry rhubarb pie. Perfect by itself or with traditional Canadian fare including salmon, roast pork, and even grilled cheese sandwiches!

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2006 Cabernet Sauvignon (0)

This beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon has been produced using ripe and juicy red grapes from vineyards in the picturesque South Okanagan Valley near Oliver, British Columbia. When you take a sip, your mouth will be surrounded by the flavours of black cherries and blackberries with a hint of toasty vanilla. Add a twist of pepper to the mix, and you will be sure to enjoy this stunning wine with lamb, game meats, beef, robust stews, pizzas, creamy blue cheese, and dark, rich chocolate cake.

2007 Merlot (0)

Oliver Twist Estate Winery is proud to offer this dark red Merlot from Oliver, British Columbia. The warm, juicy and rich flavours of black cherries and blackberries along with a hint of vanilla and a twist of pepper make this wine a perfect complement to your favourite pasta dish or darker meats, grilled, or prepared with herbs or a flavourful wine or brown sauce.

2006 Proprietor’s Reserve Merlot (0)

The grapes used in this fine red wine were harvested from a premium vineyard in Oliver, British Columbia. Aged for twenty months in French oak barrels, it has been blended with Cabernet Sauvignon to produce a rich, vibrant red wine. A great choice with beef, chicken and pasta dishes, this Merlot also complements chocolate very well.

2007 Syrah (0)

The grapes used in this Syrah wine were produced in the warm and sunny vineyards on the slopes of the beautiful South Okanagan Valley near Oliver, British Columbia. This is a red wine that you will be sure to enjoy. You’ll be able to pick out the flavours of blackberry and cherry complemented by a hint of toasted vanilla. The twist to the flavours of this wine is the hint of cinnamon that finishes this Syrah beautifully. Enjoy Syrah with grilled meats and vegetables, wild game, richly flavoured red meats, beef stews, and meaty pizza.

2008 Syrah (0)

Oliver Twist grapes grown and handpicked especially for this Syrah. Carefully crafted at our estate winery. Delectable fragrance of exotic spices and peppers, blackberries and mango. Luscious flavours of toasty mango, spices and a hint of vanilla. Delicious served with roast pork, grilled or spice-rubbed chicken, sausage or fajitas.

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2007 Pinot Gris (2)

The grapes used in this exceptional Pinot Gris are blended to produce the flavour of summer fruit with a subtle hint of spice. This unique wine will remind you of the warm sunny aroma of tree ripened peaches and exotic Asian pears. Serve this refreshing wine chilled to complement a cheese platter or any white meat.

2008 Rosado Splash (5)

Rich red Syrah with a refreshing splash of Viognier. Appealing aroma of citrus, rose petals, strawberries and spice. Fabulous flavour of strawberries with a subtle spicy finish. Enjoyable with edibles such as cheese platters or desserts. Simply sumptuous to enjoy chilled as an apéritif.

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Award Winning

2006 Merlot:
  1. 2nd Place – People’s Choice Awards - #2 Merlot in BC
2007 Kerner:
  1. 1st - Feast of Fields’ Award – #1 Choice Best White Wine in BC
  2. Silver – Creston Valley WineART
  3. Silver – Okanagan Life Magazine International Wine Competition
  4. Bronze – Okanagan Fall Wine Festival
2007 Chardonnay:
  1. 1st Place – People’s Choice Awards - #1 Chardonnay in BC
  2. 2nd Place White Wine – East Kootenay Wine Festival
2007 Syrah:
  1. Gold – Creston Valley WineART
2008 Chardonnay:
  1. Gold – Okanagan Fall Wine Festival
2008 Syrah:
  1. Bronze – Okanagan Fall Wine Festival

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